23AW Night Paradise

As night falls, the centenary park opens its doors.The stars and moon are the passes of the night.The great adventurer has unlimited possibilities in her own time zone, turning her ticket into a silver wooden horse and chasing the disappearing sun in the wind.

Not knowing who knocked over the hot red wine in the cup, pouring out a sea of hot flowers. Untie the shoelaces, jump barefoot into the high-speed roller coaster, let time and space reverse, and let memories rewind. Don't wake her up. She will still come back, as brave as she is in the reality of steel and cement. Starry Night Paradise never closes in the world of the brave. Romance is her ticket that never expires. Light a match and let time pause. The North Star passes by, and winter is no longer far away.

mon tiroir AW23 Night Paradise Collection continues brand’s unique color language, breaking free from the color constraints and attempting to construct a winter fairy tale paradise in a girl's dream field. Freedom and power are the inspiration keywords for this season. The silver color of lightning, the electric blue of the vast starry sky, and the blooming poppies under the dark night are the muses of purple and red. The high saturation colors boldly collide with the dazzling velvet, and the intensity and rebellion coexist.