2023 Autumn/Winter Wandering

mon tiroir 2023 Autumn/Winter Wandering Collection continues to explore the power of interweaving fabrics, colours, intimate clothing, and body lines. 

The entire collection are named Leap, jumping lightly and freely. Step forward to perceive the gentle moments that are overlooked in daily life,  and play your own spatial overture in a joyful manner.

Continuing the high recognition velvet fabric, the "Leap Soft Bra" has a soft and lightweight cup surface, perfectly fitting the body's curves; The unique and personalised X-shaped cross back shoulder strap design creates a flexible and dynamic new aesthetic of human body geometry.

Stardust grey, beryl green, purple rain and cream foam, the brand's iconic colours continue to compose new music in this season, with unlimited fantasy, falling into the sweet dream world, and bravely floating on the foam.  

Fresh extension launches "Leap Shorts" metal velvet capris, embellished with a metal brand logo at the waist, fashionable city walk, creating a new sporty chic attitude.



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